Thursday, October 8, 2009

Think Love, Think!

In High school, there was a teacher that would bring one phrase to mind..."Think Love, Think" Ms. Mcmurtry! She had that phrase hanging all over her classroom. A little brash and truly a teacher who wanted her students to the old school way, she encouraged (or threatened) students to not be spoon fed but to think it through.

Well I heard her voice echoing in my head yesterday as I turned the clippers on...I ignored it.

I just wanted to trim Brennan's hair up, it was a mop. Well, now he is headed for the Citadel. He wanted to KILL me. It is short, and the kids looks great with whatever haircut, but his hair has been long for a year and he wants to grow it out. It was beginning to curl in the back, so he was super excited...but I thought it was out of control.

His brothers did the best job of encouraging him, "you look so cool" -Logan
"I'll play with you Brennan, I'll be your only friend."-Eli
They all went and wore hats together and just were good brothers. Of course I took them to McDonalds and got them whatever they wanted AND a sundae, followed by renting a movie on a school night. I don't think that taught Brennan anything, but he forgave me and loved me again!! It's all about me right?!

So no, I didn't fact, I convince myself that I went to the Horst Academy (Aveda headquarters) and that people should be begging me to cut their hair...

...yeah...not so much.

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