Friday, November 20, 2009


I know this a complete 180 from my previous posts, but thus that statement explains it all.'s so funny all the backlash...I like to call it TwiHaters. They come out of the woodwork at the mention...Questioning faith, fidelity and me, that has nothing to do with it. I think that every person, man or woman, needs to have something to get together with peers, enjoy themselves and have a moment to escape reality. That is the sole purpose behind BA. For my husband it is his golf trips, where he can go away with friends he trusts and let his guard down, do something he enjoys at a level that can only be handled twice a year. It refreshes him, reminds him not to take life too seriously and in the same moment that the people he loves are worth fighting for.

For me, Twilight isn't that extreme, but it's fun. Straight up.

Okay, so we went to see the 12:05 movie last night and it was a blast. Only the second opening night I've ever been too. We got into the theatre 2 hours early and got GREAT seats and thanks to Kristen had magazines to read and La'Walker had her DS to keep us busy. A couple things shocked many GUYS were there and how many non-teenagers were there! Loved both of those!

So the movie starts (Pause: Pattinson's new movie Remember Me looks AMAZING! Not what I expected and seems to be a great roll for him) The look, the feel all of it is different...thank goodness. Edward is...wait a minute...he's smiling...a lot...he's laughing! Bella...did you just crack a joke?! This is madness!

Yes, you do have to live through Jacob's wig (which looks 150%better) longer than I would like, but it is worth it to see the supporting characters get much deserved screen time.
It's tough, RPatz does a great job...both he and Stewart aren't nearly as flat as Twilight. Such a refreshing change.

I have to say with ALL the leaks and trailers, the movie still surprised....didn't look anything like what I thought it would and the scenes that I felt I saw the entire thing...was wrong! Hooray!

Oh yeah...the new sparkle and running technique and special effects....SO GOOD!

Don't want to give anymore away, but I truly enjoyed the movie. The ending is not the New Moon ending...but OH My GOsh!!! I love it and I love HOW it directly ends. I wish there was more dedication to she and Alice on the plane, but honestly, this could have been a 4 hour movie.

I walked away and NOT once got annoyed with KStew! Shocking, I know! There is one scene that the entire theatre erupted in's not meant to be funny. See if you can figure out which one it is.

Enjoy, would love to hear what you thought...can't wait for Eclipse. were missed...way too much.

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