Monday, November 16, 2009

...(pt 2)

God is gracious...when I'm angry He doesn't scold or take me to scripture that says be slow to anger...He holds me...He strokes my hair and sings me a lullaby...He understands and appreciates Righteous Anger.

I need to go further into the drive behind my last post...and the comments that went on it, showed me that I was not Righteous in my Anger, or at least only 1/2 way.

You see the anger towards the perversion not only pertains to the young girl, but to her mother. She, above all others, has her perception of love perverted. She has somewhere along the way, been shown that love is meaningless and intimacy matters to no one. That self, above all else, is the only thing worth protecting, at any cost. That once you mess up, you cannot go back. There are things that are "too bad" for God to forgive, and blood to redeem. She has believed the lie.

She has believed it, been defined by it and therefore passes that identity on to her daughter. My heart burns for the young breaks for her mother. She had no hope, no love and no truth.

You see, my passion is not only for the victims of sexual exploitation, but for those who feel the necessity to place them there. To rescue children from choices made for them, but to offer hope to their guardians that they are not forgotten, left behind or unable to recieve mercy. There is hope for all...I know that, I believe that...I pray that I live it.

Liberty for all.

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