Thursday, December 9, 2010


4 years ago this moment, friends were trickling into Greenville Memorial Hospital, waiting to see if the Reichley 5 had been blessed with a little girl.  We were (not that people took our word for it, Georgi-Beth stripped her all the way down just to be sure. After all, she looked just like Eli!)
Our life...changed forever that day.

Millie's was a journey of surprise.  We didn't find out what we were having...didn't paint a nursery, didn't have a shower before hand...didn't decide on names until the last minute.  And on a COLD December night (after David parked at the farthest spot from the hospital and ran in saying "It's freezing out here" as my mom helped me hobble in) our fighting princess made her way into our world. (Not to mention on the day of her favorite Aunt TiTi!  It was and will always be the best birthday present ever)

Millie, is an anomaly to me.  She is 185% girl.  Babies, pink, dresses...all the ubber girlie stuff.  But she could be the toughest kid I've ever met.  Mentally and physically.  Seriously, the girl re-defines Strong Willed!  But as my mom pointed out, she's been a fighter all her life.  At birth she refused to gain weight, forcing me to feed on demand for the first few weeks of her life...taking her to the doctor to be weighed every other day.  Once out of that chaos...a new one in that changed my opinions of myself.
At 6 weeks old Mille had RSV.  I have known other families to go through this and knew it was a long and  tough sickness to fight.
But after another Angel (Leslie Helms) told us to take her to the ER on the night of the Super Bowl and teams of nurses blowing out her veins as she laid there on a table not fussing at all....and after she was admitted to the PICU and a specialist told us we had to wait outside...and after he told us we had a very sick baby, and they will do what they can...then.  Only then did I feel helpless.  All emotion left me, it still does when I think about it.  I could do nothing...Couldn't hold her, feed her, cry for her, even pray for her.  I just....sat.
She fought...hard and strong.  Pulling through the grueling treatments and tests.  After a week, she was released, but had to fight another long 4 months of recovery.

That was the first half of Millie's first year.

She turns 4 today.  She is alive, very tall for her age, allergic to nothing (which is shocking after severe RSV) and a fighter.

Passionate and Loyal...traits that are incredibly evident in her life.  She loves as passionately as she fights and when she chooses can't break that covenant.  As with all my children, I see the Lord's favor on her in ways that could truly change the world.

She changed mine...forever.
I love you moomsie.


  1. Happy birthday to little Millie! Joshua can't wait to see her in January and play princess.

  2. ooo, fun... We want to keep him for a few days while you galavant around!!! Squash!!!