Wednesday, January 5, 2011

Broken toe

yes...I broke my toe.
Well, not really, I kicked a table (a round one at that, so that all are able to be safe)  and it hurt like the dickens...and I'm cranky, and feel not good and...and....waaaaaaaa
[Not to mention, my kids have decided to play hide and seek and that means Millie in her squealy voice running around yelling "Apple Peaches, Pumpkin Pie, Found you!  or I'm in the closet or Hi-Yah.  It's funny...but noisy and I'm yelling, don't touch the walls!]
David, the saint that he is, cleaned up the kitchen, as he always does, and is walking around in Long Johns trying to think of ways to help while mumbling comments.  I need a retreat...
Can you have a hospital stay, like the maternity kind, for a broken toe...or at least a semi-broken toe?


  1. hahahahha:) this totally had me chuckling out loud! wish i was there to commiserate with ya!! or, i could just kidnap you and we take off and find sanctuary somewhere! :)

  2. That stinks. Jammed toes and burned fingers hurt the worst. I suggest you "disappear" for an evening. David will take care of the kids by feeding them ice cream sundaes for dinner and letting them watch the Saw movies. They'll be fine ;)