Tuesday, February 15, 2011

So Much to say

...There are probably 15 times a week that I come up with a blog post in my head...of course I don't write them down, that would be too easy and efficient. So, I sit and try to pull them from the depths of my mind. Vague...
I know that most of them come from kids movies...that is really all that is in on in our house.  We got rid of Direct TV, got netflix for the Wii and an antenna, LOVE it!  At $9.99/month, we haven't missed it at all, and it's actually cut down on the CRAP in our house.  We can truely pick what the kids watch, not just choose based on what's available.  Oh that reminds me...
A couple weeks back I heard someone make the comment "moral sewage running the house"...whoa...I stopped dead in my tracks, not only was that a great phrase, but it's shockingly true. Not just in our home, which I would suggest we shelter just right of middle, but in a lot of homes.  Whether it's television, music, books, or mostly, our speech.  Petra or Degarmo and Key, used to have a song called "Garbage in/Garbage Out"  it was pre-techno, techno.  It is evident everywhere.
So, as I juggle continually with trying to be "in the world and not of it"  this moral sewage keeps me in check.  What does your home reak (sp) of?  What is the fragrance that fills the air?  I'm in HUGE gut check about this right now.  Introspection is always good, responsibility is even better.

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