Tuesday, March 15, 2011

soundtrack of life

Music...I love it...it speaks too me...through me...I think you get the point.

You can learn this by asking my husband...I send him songs when I can't find the words...songs about love, fighting, really messing things up (mumford and sons is really good for relationships).   You can learn it from my friends who for whatever reason, have received the good 'ol mix cd from me.  Whether going through a tough time, moving away, or just because...music is my language.  I think I've said it here before, that there is something in my soul, that communicates with God this way too...it's a heavenly language.
So, I thought I'd give you an update on where I am musically at the current moment. 
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*- Mumford and Sons, I mentioned before.  It's really funny how they have just exploded with an album that was recorded in 2009!  But it's a great album and I can't wait for their sophomore project (music language for Second Record...I'm SOOO with it!)

See full size image*- Katie Herzig is another super stellar artist.  She has a real mix of sounds, soulful, folksie, popish, it's just all there!  It's just the kind of music when you want to be happy and chill. Good for laying in a hammock on a Sunny day

*- Kari Jobe has just one of the greatest voices period.  I love it.  It's powerful but mellow, different, yet highly familiar.  Her passion behind the words she sings, also familiar, just takes some songs to a whole new level...she gets me going almost everyday.

 *- Bombay Bicycle Club could be one of my favorites at the moment.  They have been for awhile.  Like Mumford and Sons, they are a real smash up of instruments and styles and unusual voices, etc.  A little of everything and just some AWESOME chill music.  Read a book kinda music.

 *-Janelle Monae....I've got to give Lauren Walker TOTAL props for this.  As well as one of my other ALL time faves...Feist.  Janelle is a total change of pace for my usual set list.  A little funk, a little R&B a little 80's and all ATL!  She is fresh, in every sense of the word.

So, those are the New Additions to my Pandora over the past year, and of course, Imogen, Ingrid and Bon Iver still get thrown in the mix, but try any of these out and you'll be please...a little disclaimer, they are not all for little ears...so be careful who's in the room

Curious as too your musical likings

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