Monday, March 7, 2011

The gospel, according to Wonder Pets

In the latest episode of Wonder Pets (well, one of the only episodes we watch, because it's on dvd) I was listening as Ming Ming was talking to the Emu in Australia.  He was telling her that he is the largest bird there and she puffed up (as she usually does) and said that she comes from an impressive lineage too, she believes her great-grandfather was an Eagle.  Well the Emu just smiles at her (the best way an Emu CAN smile) and they move along.  He smiles, because she's a's don't have any relation to Eagles...their ducks.  Unless man interferes (or domestication interferes) animals don't crossbreed.

And it hit that what it sounds like to people when I refer to God as my father?  I mean, I'm human, sinful, as all are aware of, since we so often remind them.  And yet, I think I can claim God as my Father, among other intimate relational things?  Really...No wonder they often smirk and move along.  It's bizarre!

But what if Ming Ming were to suddenly spread her, what seem to be minuscule, wings and had a massive wingspan, only ever seen on...eagles.  All of the sudden her claim would have relevance, there would be proof.

It's not a new message, our words and actions need to match.  If I claim to be a child of a Father, I need to carry characteristics of that said Father...even in the case of adoption this is true!  My brother and his wife have adopted 3 children, from three different parents at 3 different stages in their lives.  Each of my sweet nieces and my force of nature nephew, all have some characteristics of Chad and Heidi.  Whether it's the way they say  certain words, facial expressions or their taste in clothes.  Because of the CONSTANT interaction with their now parents, they take on traits that make them known to be part of that family. 

So I am challenged that when I claim to be from a great lineage, that someone whom I stake claim in, and who in turn stakes claim in me, that I spread my wings and prove that not only to I bear a mark of that lineage, but might flight patterns model His as well.

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