Monday, October 11, 2010

And's rising from the ground...

If you walk past me and I have this "look" on my face...and you wonder, "What is she thinking about?!"  Don't worry, I'm just singing to myself...well not to myself, but my soul and I are singing with the Creator...the Creator of all things, of Beautiful Things.

This past week, Wayfarer had the amazing privelidge to have a suite at know..Suite 7, check us out next year...ANYWAY...It's always a blessing, a shot in the arm...but this year, the music just overwhelmed whole.  From the opening numbers with the Eminem remake (don't like those, but the did it well and had a beat artist that was...words aren't here for it) to my fave...Gungor.
Side note...been a fan of Michael Gungor for a while, but he has finally found his niche...the new sound of his band is incredible and spot on and annointed. (Beautiful Things is the title of his new album, and one of the most amazing songs ever.)

So this is the song that's in my head, the song that reminds me who God is, the song that makes my soul and I grab hands and spin around in yearning for unaltered communion with the creator.  Be blessed, be awakened, be curious.

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