Wednesday, October 27, 2010




verb, starved, starv·ing.

–verb (used without object)

1. to die or perish from lack of food or nourishment
That's's been a long time coming...I feel it in my soul, that a lot has led up to this moment, and I feel no sense of hunger or craving...only the tension of going without.
My prayer has been for some time, that my soul response be primary and my flesh to be secondary...or none at all!  So the Lord spoke to me the other night as I asked how I make that switch....Starve Your Flesh....
ummm, ok....I need to lose a little weight (and by a little, I mean a 5 year old child...that's for another day)
No, not that kind of starvation...the spiritual sense of flesh...starve that.
Well, how do I do that?  In order to do that I must know what "feeds" my flesh
-Social Media
on and on...basically anything that I do, out of pure satisfaction of myself...
Now, let me clarify, that I am NOT saying these things are wrong...I am in a particular process for a particular outcome and feel that most of these things will be re-introduced into my life...maybe not, we'll see. But since I am trying to "kill my flesh", a drastic thing, I require drastic measures. {Think alcoholics and how some can return to even having social drinks and others, can never be around it...again, we'll see}
So, I will keep my blog up, as it's a place for my to glorify the Lord through sharing what I learn. 
-So far, the "cravings" have been minimal, surprisingly.
-Have noticed HUGE spiritual warfare, as my flesh is reacting to the starvation...Spirit is beyond strong though and God is faithful.
-So excited to see what is revealed as the death takes place...
Curious what your thoughts are....(if you're reading this on FB or Twitter, I won't be there, so please leave a comment on my actual blog)


  1. I was talking to a friend a couple of weeks ago about how much I hate technology, since it seems to suck us in so easily and keep us from focusing on the important things in life. She said that it's not really those things that are the problem, but rather our unwillingness to share our time, or things, with others. She gave the example of her growing up in Ireland, and only one neighbor on the street had a television. The neighbor let all of the neighborhood kids come over once a week to watch a show together. She talked about how special it was to share in an activity with everyone and how it strengthened the community. I don't think that starvation is necessarily the answer, but rather, creating spaces in your life to share meaningful moments with the people you come into contact with. How can you use those things you enjoy so much in a more generous and life-giving way?

  2. Good Thoughts!! I totally agree that they are not bad things, just have taken over a huge area in my life...again, not starving out technology, I'm starving my a whole, technology is just part of the way I feed my flesh. My goal is to have all things feed my soul, which means better choices. Thanks for the insight.