Sunday, January 24, 2010

They found a way.

It's early, no one is awake in our house.  It's dark, it's is well. The cursor keeps blinking at me, asking for another word, but none come. Indescribable.

The emotional state, that I'm in cannot be summed up in a word, a look, a feeling.  It's a tempest.  Raging as conflicting thoughts and emotions swirl. 

Frankie's home...still laying in his new bed  or maybe, even better, between two people,he calls Mama and Daddy.

Their story, will unfold in the next few days, via news casts, blogs, spoken word.  But the impact, on me, is just beginning.

Frankie's home.  But all of them aren't.

David and the Rhodeses told me about a family that was at the airport in Florida to pick up one of their daughters, a baby girl named Amelia.  But their other daughter, the older Naomi...she didn't make it through.
Jason, her father, is trying to get over to Haiti to find a way to bring her home too.My heart is crying out for them...and so many others. It's hard, the overwhelming joy of a homecoming, and the heartbreak that your daughter is still over there.  We'll find a way.

But Dave and Kim...they found a way. Frankie's Home.

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