Friday, November 20, 2009

My style...

I saw this picture and immediately said...."If I could wear anything today, this would be it" In case you wanted a glimpse into my style...once I drop my weight...this is it:


I know this a complete 180 from my previous posts, but thus that statement explains it all.'s so funny all the backlash...I like to call it TwiHaters. They come out of the woodwork at the mention...Questioning faith, fidelity and me, that has nothing to do with it. I think that every person, man or woman, needs to have something to get together with peers, enjoy themselves and have a moment to escape reality. That is the sole purpose behind BA. For my husband it is his golf trips, where he can go away with friends he trusts and let his guard down, do something he enjoys at a level that can only be handled twice a year. It refreshes him, reminds him not to take life too seriously and in the same moment that the people he loves are worth fighting for.

For me, Twilight isn't that extreme, but it's fun. Straight up.

Okay, so we went to see the 12:05 movie last night and it was a blast. Only the second opening night I've ever been too. We got into the theatre 2 hours early and got GREAT seats and thanks to Kristen had magazines to read and La'Walker had her DS to keep us busy. A couple things shocked many GUYS were there and how many non-teenagers were there! Loved both of those!

So the movie starts (Pause: Pattinson's new movie Remember Me looks AMAZING! Not what I expected and seems to be a great roll for him) The look, the feel all of it is different...thank goodness. Edward is...wait a minute...he's smiling...a lot...he's laughing! Bella...did you just crack a joke?! This is madness!

Yes, you do have to live through Jacob's wig (which looks 150%better) longer than I would like, but it is worth it to see the supporting characters get much deserved screen time.
It's tough, RPatz does a great job...both he and Stewart aren't nearly as flat as Twilight. Such a refreshing change.

I have to say with ALL the leaks and trailers, the movie still surprised....didn't look anything like what I thought it would and the scenes that I felt I saw the entire thing...was wrong! Hooray!

Oh yeah...the new sparkle and running technique and special effects....SO GOOD!

Don't want to give anymore away, but I truly enjoyed the movie. The ending is not the New Moon ending...but OH My GOsh!!! I love it and I love HOW it directly ends. I wish there was more dedication to she and Alice on the plane, but honestly, this could have been a 4 hour movie.

I walked away and NOT once got annoyed with KStew! Shocking, I know! There is one scene that the entire theatre erupted in's not meant to be funny. See if you can figure out which one it is.

Enjoy, would love to hear what you thought...can't wait for Eclipse. were missed...way too much.

Monday, November 16, 2009

...(pt 2)

God is gracious...when I'm angry He doesn't scold or take me to scripture that says be slow to anger...He holds me...He strokes my hair and sings me a lullaby...He understands and appreciates Righteous Anger.

I need to go further into the drive behind my last post...and the comments that went on it, showed me that I was not Righteous in my Anger, or at least only 1/2 way.

You see the anger towards the perversion not only pertains to the young girl, but to her mother. She, above all others, has her perception of love perverted. She has somewhere along the way, been shown that love is meaningless and intimacy matters to no one. That self, above all else, is the only thing worth protecting, at any cost. That once you mess up, you cannot go back. There are things that are "too bad" for God to forgive, and blood to redeem. She has believed the lie.

She has believed it, been defined by it and therefore passes that identity on to her daughter. My heart burns for the young breaks for her mother. She had no hope, no love and no truth.

You see, my passion is not only for the victims of sexual exploitation, but for those who feel the necessity to place them there. To rescue children from choices made for them, but to offer hope to their guardians that they are not forgotten, left behind or unable to recieve mercy. There is hope for all...I know that, I believe that...I pray that I live it.

Liberty for all.


I'm crying right now...slowly, painfully, is hard to breathe and there is a not in my throat...those of you who know me, know that I cry for to reasons: Anger and for others. This is both.

If you paused to read it, then read on...if it first.

I am truly nauseaous. 5 years old...her own flesh and blood...for men to have sex with. What the hell is wrong? Sorry, language is necessary here. My heart hurts for the children who have no choice, and know nothing different than perversion. It's not just about sex, it's about intimacy and the perversion of the most sacred of relationships. If a child cannot trust her mother...who can she trust?

I am an advocate of redemption...I live it, I believe it is the greatest thing offered to us by our God who loves and desires justice, but offers something be redeemed, in the midst of injustice...but now...right now...I cry out for deliverance...for the Lion of Judah to roar in ANGER over the sick and evil perversion of what it means to love and be loved.

The fire inside me has been lit, fanned, and I can tell getting close to igniting...stand back, unless you are ready to ignite too.

Do justice, Love Mercy, Walk Humbly WITH my God....Micah 6:8

Monday, November 9, 2009

It's the time of year...

Ah, Johnny Mathis...Evie...Anne Murray. Those are three people that evoke the Christmas spirit within. So hard to believe it is already November, and it is moving along quickly. Pondering whether or not to decorate early this year, we will be gone for Thanksgiving and some of Christmas Vacay too, so I need to get the most out that I can. I do love fall, but when EVERYTHING turns to Christmas, it's hard to still get excited over harvesty stuff.

Aside from that dilemma...a lot going on in the Reichley house. From the bottom up:
*Millie is, well Millie (I think I say that a lot, if you know her, you know why). She turns 3 a month from today. This is the longest I have gone not getting pregnant! Praise the Lord! I am truly about to enter new territory. She is so girlie it is ridiulous...dances and sings (Jesus loves the little children, all the children of my mom-a little narrow sighted still). She is a blast and a pistol in the same moment

*Eli is in pres-school and doing well. He is a sponge, learning everything and retaining it. Crazy. He is addicted to the Science channel and his favorite show is Catch it Keep it. He also loves watching hours of File video on the Nasa channel. Fun. David put training wheels on the a bigger bike last night and he was thrilled...pray people, David is threatening to cut his hair. I KNOW!

*Logan (sigh) Logan. He is honestly the sweetest boy I know. Concerned about the planet, less fortunate and just about everyone. He has raised money for poor people ($15 with a water stand) and organized a trash pick up in our neighborhood. Logan, we have no doubt, will changed the world in a dramatic way. Getting there, is going to be a journey, but it is jaw dropping to look at him and you just KNOW that God has something very unique in store for him.

*Brennan is adjusting to 3rd grade. So am I. Lot's more work and grading. He made the honor roll this nine weeks and is doing well. Some behavioral stuff, but so far pretty good. Brennan is an enigma to me. I am trying to figure him out everyday. What makes him tick, and what does he want to do with himself and how to culitvate that...I'm tired just writing it. He is amazing though and we are working on harnessing all that knowledge.

*I am living in groundhogs day! Same thing day in and day out...I am trying to do it with purpose though and with passion. God has reignited several passions in me that have been dormant for a few months: teaching, Garden of Hope, pursuit of justice...he's also given me a few new ones, like hopefully going back to school. David looks at me cross-eyed whenever I say that. But if God wants it, He'll make a way.

*, do you have an hour? So much, and I have never been more proud of the man that he is. One of integrity and goodness. He has the fruit of the spirit evident in his daily life, and I am inspired. It is possible to carry what seems to be the weight of the world, with grace, dignity and elegance. All the while juggling life. Pray for him if you get a chance, that he will continue to be the man God enabled Him to be in the midst of storms and stress and doubt.

So that about does it for my random post. I hope you are all doing well, and are blessed to laugh with your Abba today. He likes you...a lot!

Tuesday, November 3, 2009


David found this on a catalyst blog today, I love him for knowing me so well, for knowing that Dan Allender knows my heart without knowing me and puts words to thought I haven't known yet. Be blessed...

100 Words by Dan Allender

Dr. Dan B. Allender serves as Professor of Counseling at Mars Hill Graduate School. He travels and speaks extensively to present his unique perspective on sexual abuse recovery, love & forgiveness. He is the author of The Wounded Heart and Leading With A Limp.


Healing is found in seizing the delight generously offered by Jesus for our weary, broken, angry, empty heart. It comes through following the wild goose into the presence of love; it quells the accusations of the evil one so we can hear the relentless invitation to lay our heart before our Beloved. It is in reconciled rest that our deepest burdens call us to come and play for the sake of love. Healing is never merely about our body or heart; it is always the outward movement of love to transform all ground by his holy and irresistible grace.

How have you found healing? Or how has it found you?

[Image via Joshua Longbrake]

Monday, November 2, 2009


My love tank is pretty full right now. You know how it is one of those things that you don't know it's empty until you have felt it full! That is how I am right now.

my husband has loved on me in the best ways...being me a present...loving on me when I don't feel well...being himself (the guy in the room everyone enjoys and wants to know). Which makes me feel pretty darn good to be "that" guy's wife...before I would have recoiled into the "I'm not good enough for him and everyone knows it" place. But he knows now to show a little more PDA in settings now...we are growing and I feel loved.

My friends, between having the person you love and love who they make you around, it makes me bubble! David said that I act completely different around Gina. I asked him how and he said "You can tell that you trust her". That is huge! I never thought of it like that, but that is the most important thing for me. A simple thing like letting her cook for me...if you know me, that screams volumes.
Along with that beauty, Kim left me one of the best gifts I have ever gotten. It was something I needed, I wanted, I borrowed and yes I couldn't afford. Neither can she, but she gave it anyway. I love her for telling me in my note the reasons why I can't argue or question her for doing it. Basically just shut up and take it!!!
Then cheering Wendy and Kim on Saturday morning. David and I LOVE the race environment, enough that we feel the need to stay involved with it. Enough that I have convinced myself that I somehow AM a runner?! Not really, but it was great to see them kick it in!

My God. He is ever present with me. He has let me know in some of the most beautiful ways, ways that I appreciate and value...words. He speaks to me and laughs with me and dances for me when I squawk out a song for Him. I love Him...He knows that. He loves me...I know it too.

So this is why I am full family will reap the benefits of it as I hug my children a little willing to work with Millie on her screaming and attitude...and begin to fill my husband's love tank with a clean house and dinner.

Without doesn't mean a thing.