Monday, February 28, 2011

Rob Bell Bandwagon

...I'm jumping on...why?  Well...because I want too so there!

So if you are a little late to the party and have no idea what the up roar is here

If you don't know who Rob Bell is...well, you might want to grab a cup of coffee while we chat.

So, go click that MUST watch the video and come back...

Okay, so we're all caught up?
Well, if you are on twitter, or maybe even FB, then this is everywhere, and everyone has an opinion and almost everyone is quite aggressive...almost foaming at the mouth kind of aggressive.  My goodness, it seems like people were just waiting in the wings for the slightest little...GOTCHA!  Whew, its, well, embarrassing.
One such twitter post was from John Piper:
"Farewell Rob Bell"

Wow...just wow.  (not that I need another reason to not care for Mr. Piper...but he gave me one anyway...yes, I'm entitled to that opinion too...)

So, as people were busy tying Rob to the stack and gathering the kindling and matches...I was thinking and asking D'vegas what his thoughts were.  Ever the nice and truly authentic person he is, his response was "I don't know."

So, I'm left to muddle through this I go.

I have two frames of thought..
I am a HUGE advocate for creating an assessment AFTER getting the facts.  People were using the book as a reference point for all of their arguments and it's not even available to read...seriously.  As far as I'm concerned I agree with the title...does that make me a Universalist?  Yoi!

2.) That being said, watching the video is enough for question and tread VERY carefully until clarification FROM Rob Bell is made on his comments in the video.  As much as I agree that Love won when Christ came...God set a system in place, that created a system that was about impossible to adhere too, in order to spend eternity (and the here and now) with Him...BUT He loved us so incredibly much, that He made an out.  He set up the system, and He redeemed the system and made it accessible to ALL through Christ.  That shows that God is a loving and good God...not the fact He wouldn't send anyone to hell (which I don't believe)

SO, what am I saying...I'm saying I don't agree with Rob Bell...that my interest is piqued on finding out more on his stand on universalism...and that even though I think those things, I would never EVER attack or feel I had the right to ...gasp...condemn him. Ridiculousness your watchdogs back and relax...

*Sidenote...For the record an author whose writing I adore and has spoken and inspired me very much, was not too long ago put on the Southern Baptist Convention Watchlist for being may have read one of his books Ragamuffin Gospel...yeah, Brennan Manning.

Be very careful which direction the bandwagon is going when you jump on it...wolves are a little bit harder to spot when there are a bunch around.

Curious as to your thoughts...

Wednesday, February 23, 2011

Petra - Computer Brains / Clean

Here is the song I was referring too in my previous post! Hair bands rejoice! Going back to the Roll-R-Skate!!

Tuesday, February 15, 2011

So Much to say

...There are probably 15 times a week that I come up with a blog post in my head...of course I don't write them down, that would be too easy and efficient. So, I sit and try to pull them from the depths of my mind. Vague...
I know that most of them come from kids movies...that is really all that is in on in our house.  We got rid of Direct TV, got netflix for the Wii and an antenna, LOVE it!  At $9.99/month, we haven't missed it at all, and it's actually cut down on the CRAP in our house.  We can truely pick what the kids watch, not just choose based on what's available.  Oh that reminds me...
A couple weeks back I heard someone make the comment "moral sewage running the house"...whoa...I stopped dead in my tracks, not only was that a great phrase, but it's shockingly true. Not just in our home, which I would suggest we shelter just right of middle, but in a lot of homes.  Whether it's television, music, books, or mostly, our speech.  Petra or Degarmo and Key, used to have a song called "Garbage in/Garbage Out"  it was pre-techno, techno.  It is evident everywhere.
So, as I juggle continually with trying to be "in the world and not of it"  this moral sewage keeps me in check.  What does your home reak (sp) of?  What is the fragrance that fills the air?  I'm in HUGE gut check about this right now.  Introspection is always good, responsibility is even better.