Monday, September 27, 2010

let's try this again...

Ahem...check, check...(insert feedback squeal here)....Hi. My name is Courtney, and this is my blog.  Let me (re)introduce this to you.
It's a blog of thoughts...sometime, all my own, sometimes spurred on by others thoughts, and sometimes non-sensical in nature and random in content...but always, authentic and honest.
Let me claryify that I understand that this is not my online journal, nor will it be treated as such.  I also understand that it isn't my online bragbook either. At least of myself, others...well, we'll see what the day brings.
Trying to past at least twice a week, that gets harder as life goes on, but I hate the lack of committment that I have given in the past.
So,thanks for the seems that some of you are a little curious as to what I have going on "up there" , and I'm a little curious as to what you have to say about that.  Curiousity may be risky, but it also makes me who I am.  I love to learn, never thinking that I know it all, and always willing to challenge the process.
Let's see where this rabbit hole leads...