Sunday, June 28, 2009

5 senses

This month at church, we have been taking part in the One Prayer movement, inviting pastors from all over into our church via pre-recorded message. I usually don't like this, but these have been really good. Today was the last week of this and the message was really good. It was from a pastor in Georgia, Jentezen Franklin.

He wasn't the best speaker, a little old school for my taste, messed up on words/phrases several times...but the content of his, I really needed that.

He compared the 5 kings that Joshua killed to our 5 senses. In Joshua 10 Joshua pulls the kings out of their caves (bringing them to light) then puts his foot on their necks, tells the people to not be afraid, but courageous, then slays them and hangs them from a tree as a reminder.

Jentezen said how we need to get our feet on the necks of our 5 senses sometimes, and the sense that stuck out to me the most was smell. He said how when the 3 bad *(^es went into the fiery furnace, they came out not even SMELLING like smoke! How often to we go through "fiery" situations and come out smelling like it too, and for how long? I, like Jentezen, don't want to smell like the situations I go through...we all know those people that reek of what ever tragedy has hit their life...I do that too often...but recently have decided that if I claim freedom in Christ, I must live it too. Another way of saying Explained not Defined.

He went on to say that if we are in a situation that stinks or we ourselves are smelling of smoke...light some incense...praise the Lord oh my soul. The priests had to do it after a sacrifice, why shouldn't I. It gets rid of the smell, and not only gets rid of it...replaces is...redemption.

I want to smell of redemption...I want to reek of it. I want to omit the fragrance of one who has been in the fire and comes out unharmed.

Friday, June 26, 2009


So much has happened since I last wrote
*Eli and Millie went up to Mame and Papa J's
*My neice (maddie) and her friend (sydney) stayed with us for a week and some change
*We not only completed Wayfarer Camp, we KNOCKED IT OUT OF THE PARK!
*My kids have grown leaps and bounds in a few weeks.
*I have fallen in love with my husband all over again
*I have been reminded of what it feels like to live as God intended you too.
*I have gained almost all my pre-1/2 marathon weight back
*Brennan is now having a week on his own with my parents
*I am learning how to cope...when I want to fight

Alot of that I will expound on later. If I may brag on camp a little. It was...outstanding, exhausting and inspiring. I LOVED seeing my husband use a passion and gift, every part of it, some for good and some to bring good out of bad. I must say, that I truly believe there is not a more creative, christ-minded group of people as that at Wayfarer. I really believe that. God has brought this group together, for this time, and has blessed them with the ability and prayerfully, humility to do what they do. Hard to explain, never forgotten. Camp did not just come and go, however, it was as Rhodes says "a movement, not a monument". This will never be duplicated, for many reasons, but will propel us into the next phase. I am fastening my seat belt. That's for sure.
It was so great to not only see these kids take the opportunity to be responsible in their lives and faith (and wow, they did) but also my kids. Brennan and Logan were a joy to have there.

So exciting to see life, lived with God, the co-authorship thing, because clearer by the minute.

Saturday, June 13, 2009

Surprisingly enjoyable.

This week was, well, to put it nicely...awful. I think I go ahead and add at least another 3 sessions onto my kids future therapy for this one. However, today has ended up rather well.

David sent me out to do some errands for him today, on my own. That is what I consider retail therapy. Even though I wasn't shopping for myself, I was shopping...without kids. I even got an iced coffee to Anyway...

So I get home and David mentions an idea...let's go to Paris Mtn (a state park about 20 min away) and cook out. Ummm...I don't do state parks, or any woodsy thing...(kind of like Bella with cold wet know). I don't know how I survived TMI bootcamp, I really don't. Ask me about this if you need to.

So we go and miss the rain, by about 20 minutes. Make our way in and find a place to set up. We are going to grill and then go to the amphitheater to hear some blues.

Well lo and behold, the rain plan is for the music to be moved into the shelter across the creek. So we had our own shelter, our own field, a stream, woods and now music. It was a wonderful evening. The kids enjoyed, got a long, didn't get into trouble and ate all their food! Grilled corn, steaks, and smores...mmmmmm.

We decided to hike a bit (that means walk through the woods on an almost paved trail!) Of course, what do we see 10 feet in...A SNAKE! It was a baby and more like a worm, but STILL! I freak and am ready to go, Logan is thankful that God let us see a snake, Brennan is following my lead and Eli is looking for it's mom and dad. Oh dear.

We trudged on for a bit and then had to return so we didn't get locked in the park.

It was great, we will be back many times and no, I won't be camping. I must draw the line somewhere.

Monday, June 8, 2009

He does all things well.

Yesterday at church, we watched a video sermon from a man named Dino Rizzo. Now, I think if David and I were to have one more, his name would be that...Dino Rizzo. So perfectly italian-o!

That is neither here nor there. He spoke on the passage in Mark, when Jesus heals the blind and mute man. When Christ was finished it says that the people couldn't stop talking about it and said "He does all things well." To me, this was evident, in the scripture. One part made it all clear. When he healed the deaf and mute man he began speaking...clearly! Not only did this man regain hearing and the ability to speak, but he was able to speak. Watch any movie on Helen Keller or hear a hearing impaired person speaking and you can understand the awe. Not only that, but he knew words! How does a deaf mute know words????? How does his tongue now how to move or lips for the vowels? How does his voice box and palate know how to resonate? Because God does all things well.

I think when I get to heaven I will find these people, the 2 blind men, this man, the bleeding woman...all who were healed. What was life like after? I have it in my mind, because I too am one that is healed...and life after isn't at all what I expected it to be.

Wednesday, June 3, 2009

Green and Copper

Those are the two colors running around my house. I am living my childhood all over again.
Floaties, wet towels, the smell of chlorine, the cutest tan lines ever and the dreaded blonde hair!

It has been one week that we have been going to the pool and already...the green monster! And yes, before you start leaving comments, I know how to get rid of it! had to do it my entire life, until I was old enough to make my own decisions, and at that point, I was living at the beach! (that is a joke people, I made my own decisions before that!)

Poor Eli, it is like I am looking at Kelly Bedillion! Shiny, super blonde, kind of seaweed looking Hair! I know that the next phase is super shiny, chlorine damaged bleachy hair! Millie is just bleaching out and super tan. Logan has too short hair and Brennan and I are in the straw stage. I just laugh and start to gag a little thinking of the tomato juice at the end of the summer. I don't know if they (or I) will be able to handle it.

Speaking of, I remember one year when I had to do the tomato rinse, all my mom had in the house was a bottle of Clamato juice. Oh gosh, so nasty. Burnt my eyes too.

Summer is officially here and if you see some green headed "monsters" walking around town, those are mine! And I LOVE it!