Friday, June 26, 2009


So much has happened since I last wrote
*Eli and Millie went up to Mame and Papa J's
*My neice (maddie) and her friend (sydney) stayed with us for a week and some change
*We not only completed Wayfarer Camp, we KNOCKED IT OUT OF THE PARK!
*My kids have grown leaps and bounds in a few weeks.
*I have fallen in love with my husband all over again
*I have been reminded of what it feels like to live as God intended you too.
*I have gained almost all my pre-1/2 marathon weight back
*Brennan is now having a week on his own with my parents
*I am learning how to cope...when I want to fight

Alot of that I will expound on later. If I may brag on camp a little. It was...outstanding, exhausting and inspiring. I LOVED seeing my husband use a passion and gift, every part of it, some for good and some to bring good out of bad. I must say, that I truly believe there is not a more creative, christ-minded group of people as that at Wayfarer. I really believe that. God has brought this group together, for this time, and has blessed them with the ability and prayerfully, humility to do what they do. Hard to explain, never forgotten. Camp did not just come and go, however, it was as Rhodes says "a movement, not a monument". This will never be duplicated, for many reasons, but will propel us into the next phase. I am fastening my seat belt. That's for sure.
It was so great to not only see these kids take the opportunity to be responsible in their lives and faith (and wow, they did) but also my kids. Brennan and Logan were a joy to have there.

So exciting to see life, lived with God, the co-authorship thing, because clearer by the minute.

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