Saturday, June 13, 2009

Surprisingly enjoyable.

This week was, well, to put it nicely...awful. I think I go ahead and add at least another 3 sessions onto my kids future therapy for this one. However, today has ended up rather well.

David sent me out to do some errands for him today, on my own. That is what I consider retail therapy. Even though I wasn't shopping for myself, I was shopping...without kids. I even got an iced coffee to Anyway...

So I get home and David mentions an idea...let's go to Paris Mtn (a state park about 20 min away) and cook out. Ummm...I don't do state parks, or any woodsy thing...(kind of like Bella with cold wet know). I don't know how I survived TMI bootcamp, I really don't. Ask me about this if you need to.

So we go and miss the rain, by about 20 minutes. Make our way in and find a place to set up. We are going to grill and then go to the amphitheater to hear some blues.

Well lo and behold, the rain plan is for the music to be moved into the shelter across the creek. So we had our own shelter, our own field, a stream, woods and now music. It was a wonderful evening. The kids enjoyed, got a long, didn't get into trouble and ate all their food! Grilled corn, steaks, and smores...mmmmmm.

We decided to hike a bit (that means walk through the woods on an almost paved trail!) Of course, what do we see 10 feet in...A SNAKE! It was a baby and more like a worm, but STILL! I freak and am ready to go, Logan is thankful that God let us see a snake, Brennan is following my lead and Eli is looking for it's mom and dad. Oh dear.

We trudged on for a bit and then had to return so we didn't get locked in the park.

It was great, we will be back many times and no, I won't be camping. I must draw the line somewhere.

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  1. aaahhh court! that is awesome!! im so glad you had a great saturday! that place sounds awesome!!! i love the part of how the kids got along..didnt get into trouble and ate all their food. i mean really, its all we ask of them! haha... anyway- you and no camping is hilarious;) haha.. love it:)