Friday, May 29, 2009


Before someone goes and posts a passive aggressive, blanket statement blog post on my previous blog post...let me clarify.

Brag on your kids. I don't do it enough, as I said I fault on the side of not enough. This stems from my childhood. There were "those kids" who would treat you however they wanted, because they knew they could. Their parents thought they could do no wrong, and they knew it. My parents got sick of it and so did I. I don't want to do that, and as I a fault.

It doesn't bother me when parents brag on their kids, it bothers me when they only share the good. I tend to be drawn to mother's who admit that their kids drive them crazy, they aren't perfect and don't know how to deal sometimes. It makes me feel sane, not alone and somewhat normal.

So brag away, and I hope to balance out my venting with praise for my children.

Thursday, May 28, 2009

I have to.

I am sorry, I don't know why this annoys me about other people, it is perfectly acceptable, but for some reason, I get ill about it. I find myself not doing this, to a fault. A HUGE fault. To other people or the people it really matters to. I'm talking about bragging on my kids.

But, today, I can't contain it. I am going to read this to them when I am done typing, and letting them see that it is on my blog for all the world to see!!!!!

Yesterday was Logan's end of the year program and today was Brennan's. They sang a few songs, showed us a picture story of the year. Then we went back to their rooms and they did a student led conference where they walked us through their writing portfolios for the year, their goals for the year in math and reading and their MAP test results (standarized testing). It was so cute, because you can tell that they had practiced for the conference. Logan brought out his writing and stumbled through his presentation:
"Here you can see, um, that at the the beginning of the year, I only drew a picture and wrote the name of it. Now you can see that I write words and use pungtwation."
Then her brought out his test scores. You have to know that with Logan, we fought hard to keep him back in Kindergarten. We didn't think he was ready AT ALL for first grade. Strictly academic. So here are his results
Beginning Reading score-155
Goal to raise 15 points
End Reading score-182

Beginning Math score-165
Goal to raise 15 points
End Math score-186

Rigby reading level went from a 4-12~!!!!!!!
He surprised, surpassed and impressed his teacher and David and I. Keep shocking up Logan!!

Brennan had his conference today. Same details as Logan. Brennan has tested for the gifted program and is even a teacher's helper, so we have always known that he is a smart little guy, I guess we just had never seen numbers

For the testing and average second grader is at a 179 at the beginning of the year and a 190 at the end, for both math and reading. Here are Brennan's results:

Beginning Reading Score-190
Grow 10 points
End Reading score-210

Beginning Math Score-194
Grow 11 points
End Reading Score-212

So as you can see he surpassed as well.

I have no idea what other kids scores were in the class, and neither do they! That is the way it should be! They set the goals and they beat them! I love my boys, I don't show them enough, but I am BLOWN AWAY at how they grow and learn and hunger after knowledge. I pray I continue to create enviroments where they can creatively do that.

So here are two boys, who spent the first few years of their lives watched by someone else, in a home that was not their own while I worked. Went to 1 year of pre-school and are now in public school. They are thriving, excelling and exceeding even their own expectations! Way to buck the status quo boys! Keep it, for the lifetime to come!

Wednesday, May 27, 2009

Take my breath away.

Has it ever happened to you?

You see him out of the corner of your eye. You know you shouldn't look, but you must, just one little glimpse. Before you know it, you can't pull yourself away, you have to remind yourself to breathe. His beauty, just his very presence is enough to leave you breathless, speechless...

If it's so wrong why does it feel so right? He will never be mine, but, I shouldn't. I know it's wrong, I should leave now. But David, understands. I know it is lust and I know it is wrong, but isn't there room for him in my life.

That happened today, when I stumbled upon pictures of him. My heart literally skipped a beat. Him, just setting there...waiting for me. We are a perfect fit, just waiting to be matched. Someday...maybe just. Do you have the same reaction?

Oh Christian Louboutin, why do you taunt me so? Is it so wrong to want you more than I should? Someday, those 8 1/2 stilettos and I will be making our way into the night...


Trying to decide which that to write about I go:

I will need to think on that. For now I am off to the gym to get my workout on. Joy.

Tuesday, May 26, 2009

Monday on steroids.

I heard a dj on the radio this morning, say that the Tuesday after a long weekend is like a Monday on steroids. I agree.
I could see it in David's face this morning. The week is already one day short, but the same amount of stuff needs to get done.
I could see it in my kids as it is taking a little longer for them to "get going' this morning.
I can feel it in myself when a "latte lite" hasn't even lifted the fog. I downed it in like 2 minutes too, I guess I thought that would speed it up?!
Still can't see straight though.

This wasn't just a normal weekend for us though. David and his golfing buddy's went down to Daniel Island to live the life and pretend they were members at a new inclusive golf club. (Thanks Johnson for feeding the fantasy!) I was at home having one of the toughest "mom" days that I have a while if not thus far. That was thankfully followed by a good girls night at my neighbors house as we had a surprise birthday shindig for another neighbor. We had good food, played a little game of Operation and watched the best videos from the 80's A-Z on VH1.

Then Saturday. We had our "intimate" circle over to celebrate our 10 year anniversary. Again! It was wonderful. David surprised me by popping in our wedding video, and our friends surprised us with writing us beautiful letters and getting us a door knocker engraved with our name. It was so ,wonderful.

After church I hosted my first ever Gold Party. It was not well attended, but the people that came walked away with cash. From $54 for a chain to $180 for a handful. It is so worth it, and I got a piece of the commision! Let me know if you want to have one! That followed by a fun night of community group with Kickball and a Sundae Bar! David and I watched Australia way too late into the night. It was worth it thought, much better than i expected.

The kids slept in...a little. First visit to the pool. Millie did great! The boys loved it, and mom forgot to put sunscreen on them. First visit, come on! It was overcast too, I should know better. (I was layering on the Aloe before bed...I know, I know!) Then an impromptu cookout with the cul-de-sac. Cornhole, Connect Four...good times! Have I mentioned we have the best cul-de-sac EVER?!

So now we are on Tuesday. Wow, where has the week gone? K-4 meeting at school, millie singing to me as I type and Eli and Elephant snuggled in close. I may get back in my PJ's and we may lay in bed all day. My kind of Monday!...I mean Tuesday.

Monday, May 18, 2009

The week...

...that seems to go on and on.

Baseball. Let me be more specific...D5 baseball. Every year, I ask David WHY, oh WHY did we sign Logan up for this? Our lives are not capable of handling this right now. This week we have 3 games and practice. He is 6, I have 3 other kids, it is not a good combo. The worst part is that David and I can't both be at the games. We just can't take the kids out there, especially Millie. And no, it isn't like it was when we were kids and "grew up" at the fields, times have changed and people have changed. It isn't what it used to be.

Meetings. How do I not work and still have meetings? I really can't complain about this, I enjoy it. Conversation, maybe coffee, brainstorming! I enjoy all of those things. All of my meetings have to do with creativity and worship, so I am SUPER excited about that. Just fitting them into the baseball schedule is a bit tricky.

Gold Party. Having a gold party Sunday, come over if you can, this is not so stressful. Make a few apps, and sit back and let my friends make money. Who thought of this stuff? Thanks though!

Anniversary. Thursday is David and my actual 10 year anniversary. Oh, how I wish we were back in London. Seriously feel, almost...homesick. I would love to insert every part of our lives into that city. Kids, marriage, work, church, all of it. Maybe someday.

Crazy week, but the fog is starting to lift and the coffee is almost done. I could be going stir crazy and wishing for something to do. For now, I will clean the kitchen, get Millie dressed (Eli's already dressed) and get the day going.

Deep breathe....(inhale) Abba...(exhale) I belong to you...repeat...

Saturday, May 16, 2009

Rainy Days and Saturdays.

Thanks to all of you who have continued to follow me over here on blogger. I hope this is a good transition.

So, I am sitting here on a Saturday mid-morning, while David has Eli at a birthday party, Logan is taking care of Millie (covering her with a blanket on the couch and getting ready to read her a book) and Brennan is up in his room reading (not by choice!) ...I think that is everyone. I will say with 4, I am always wondering if I have everybody. That hasn't changed.

I had a great time last night out with friends. Some new, some I wish I knew much better and some that I just love spending time with. It was a great relaxing time. I got my baby fill and my cannoli fill...well, I can always have more of both.

It's raining now, and we are just killing time before we meet some other friends for lunch at On the Border. I am living for their Guacamole right now. Mmmmm, that sounds so good.

It is interesting that we are leading the community group at church, learning and talking about how exactly HEALTHY community is formed and continued. It seems to me that my circles of community is a living thing. Expanding and contracting constantly. I think the one thing I have learned, and would like to share on this rainy Saturday, is that community and friendship are NOT interchangeable words.

I have several "communities" in my life, sometimes more than others. But within those communities, I don't always have "friends". And even more so, intimate friends. I am not one to have 100 Best Friends, I do have more than I ever thought I would and they are scattered all over, but it is still a small number. But to bring friendships out of community, you need to invest, in other and their lives (all of it, especially if children are included) and choose them. I believe that choice creates a necessity for them.

Just rambling about my constant learning.
Thought on community?

Wednesday, May 6, 2009


Please do come in!

For those of you new here, you can track back old posts at my former residence:

For those of you who found my change of address, thank you for following.
I am looking forward to this venture on blogger, as I now have the ability for one of my other passions, music. That is important to me. As are the super cute backgrounds you can put on here!

Thanks for coming over, and the door is always open.