Thursday, May 28, 2009

I have to.

I am sorry, I don't know why this annoys me about other people, it is perfectly acceptable, but for some reason, I get ill about it. I find myself not doing this, to a fault. A HUGE fault. To other people or the people it really matters to. I'm talking about bragging on my kids.

But, today, I can't contain it. I am going to read this to them when I am done typing, and letting them see that it is on my blog for all the world to see!!!!!

Yesterday was Logan's end of the year program and today was Brennan's. They sang a few songs, showed us a picture story of the year. Then we went back to their rooms and they did a student led conference where they walked us through their writing portfolios for the year, their goals for the year in math and reading and their MAP test results (standarized testing). It was so cute, because you can tell that they had practiced for the conference. Logan brought out his writing and stumbled through his presentation:
"Here you can see, um, that at the the beginning of the year, I only drew a picture and wrote the name of it. Now you can see that I write words and use pungtwation."
Then her brought out his test scores. You have to know that with Logan, we fought hard to keep him back in Kindergarten. We didn't think he was ready AT ALL for first grade. Strictly academic. So here are his results
Beginning Reading score-155
Goal to raise 15 points
End Reading score-182

Beginning Math score-165
Goal to raise 15 points
End Math score-186

Rigby reading level went from a 4-12~!!!!!!!
He surprised, surpassed and impressed his teacher and David and I. Keep shocking up Logan!!

Brennan had his conference today. Same details as Logan. Brennan has tested for the gifted program and is even a teacher's helper, so we have always known that he is a smart little guy, I guess we just had never seen numbers

For the testing and average second grader is at a 179 at the beginning of the year and a 190 at the end, for both math and reading. Here are Brennan's results:

Beginning Reading Score-190
Grow 10 points
End Reading score-210

Beginning Math Score-194
Grow 11 points
End Reading Score-212

So as you can see he surpassed as well.

I have no idea what other kids scores were in the class, and neither do they! That is the way it should be! They set the goals and they beat them! I love my boys, I don't show them enough, but I am BLOWN AWAY at how they grow and learn and hunger after knowledge. I pray I continue to create enviroments where they can creatively do that.

So here are two boys, who spent the first few years of their lives watched by someone else, in a home that was not their own while I worked. Went to 1 year of pre-school and are now in public school. They are thriving, excelling and exceeding even their own expectations! Way to buck the status quo boys! Keep it, for the lifetime to come!

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  1. Wow - Great job boys! Awesome scores. See - public school is not all that it is stereotyped to be! Most of the teachers really do care and try. But most importantly, it's the parents who make the most difference which is only a nod to you Courtney and David on a job well done!