Tuesday, June 1, 2010


If you know what that is, you have either been in corporate America or a psychology major!  I was neither, so I just recently found this out about myself. 
"Google  it".  So I did and have slowly been working my way through the profile's been interesting, funny, frustrating and on! 
Over the past year, I have been in see, I'm a recovering cynic.  I used to think, and even blame this trait, as an excuse to say and treat people, however I deemed "truthful".  That is so far from the Truth, it's a little nauseating.  So about a year ago, after doing a study on the emotions that God placed in all of us and how although they seem negatve, God can redeem them for His use.  So the process of being cynical into being about Truth in's hard.  But so needed and honestly I wish a lot more "agents of Truth" would take this journey.  It's must be what it's like for a recovering addict to become so aware and sensetive too, other addicts that they had never seen before.
So I'm back to being an INTP.  Learning about myself.  Realising that the explanations do not Define who I am, but Explain what makes me tick. 
There is only One who defines me...and only He can continually change that defenition.  I am content, truely able to say that, with the defenition I currently have and knowing that He is still refining.  I enjoy the thought of that, not so much the process, but you know...
So I've been blessed with knowledge and tools and people to help me through my Recovery...
What are you, or do you need to, go to "Rehab" for? 
Trust me...I said "No, no, no" for a LONG time.  It's much better on this side.