Sunday, January 27, 2013


Ahem...TESTING...TESTING...Is this thing on?

Yes, I'm here.  I'm a little shaky, a little nervous, a little anxious...a little new.  But I'm here.  And I'm going to jump right in!

Yesterday my friend Megan, asked how I satisfy my creative side. Hmmm.  That was a good question.  I don't perform anymore, I haven't in about a year.  I haven't written anything in a LONG time, and well...I don't know how I satisfy that side.  I guess I ignore it!  But I mentioned to her that I used to Blog, and that really enabled me to not only put things in writing that I'm learning and loving, but also in somewhat of a creative manner.
That right there did it.  That was the confirmation, to the stirring that has been in my heart since Christmas.  It's time to write again.  Even if no one reads, it's writing and in some small (very small) sense, publishing what I have swirling around in this eccentric brain of mine!
So, last Sunday I began to put on paper posts that I feel inclined to write.  Some are serious, some are funny (in my own head), but all will be authentically me.  The new me that I'm just starting to get to know, the old me that just won't go away, the me that I'm letting God redeem, in order to leave people better than I found them.
Short and sweet, that's how it's starting.  Let's get this thing going.