Sunday, November 28, 2010

Yogurt Mountain

After being introduced to this eupohoria of foodie heaven, by my Tuscaloosa, one of my other fave people has informed that G'vegas now has not one...but TWO Yogurt Mountains....Can it be so???  There is a God and He does love me! (not that I didn't think that get it)

Tuesday, November 16, 2010


It's a shame that there are 30somethings walking around without it...

Speechless, sick to my stomach and disappointed...

Stop looking in the mirror, realise you aren't the only person in the world, and show...I don't know...


(Going to get in trouble for this one...but it's time someone makes a stir.)

I'm done.

Tuesday, November 2, 2010


Can you guess what word we use today from this Olde English word?

Well, let's see Weorthscipe broken down is this:

Weorth-Value or Worth

Scipe-Shape or Condition

In other words, judging the value of something...what is it worth to me?

Worship...puts a new spin on it doesn't it.

When you struggle with something having a stronghold on your life...well, you feel that it is WORTH more to you than not doing it.  A moment of satisfaction (or a few moments depending on the vice) has more VALUE to you than doing what God has called you to do (or not do).  It's simple...whatever has more worth to you, will get your worship.

Yet, not so simple...lies and deceit cement vices to our legs, arms...entire bodies. Sometimes they have dug so deep into our skin, that they almost seem to be part of us...something that requires no thought or decision at all...we just do it.  This is where my frustration with "deliverance" doesn't always work that way.  Sometimes the only way to be "delivered" from a situation is to completely cut of our leg from the knee down, in order to get the fused vice off of us....seems to be more destructive than delivering....but here is where God steps in an truly shows off...He begins to heal the wound...sometimes a new "leg" grows back, but most often, after pain and bandaging and frustration...we begin to learn to walk with a limp. Sometimes with the aid of a crutch or cane, but we move, we go...we're redeemed.

That...that God, deserves worship...the value is compared to none and worth the severing of limbs (if necessary) in order to give everything, every dream, every movement, every applause of Him.

(Thanks to Richard Smith, Pastor of Hopepoint for the inspiration of this from his Sunday Message)

Curious as to what You worship?