Monday, May 18, 2009

The week...

...that seems to go on and on.

Baseball. Let me be more specific...D5 baseball. Every year, I ask David WHY, oh WHY did we sign Logan up for this? Our lives are not capable of handling this right now. This week we have 3 games and practice. He is 6, I have 3 other kids, it is not a good combo. The worst part is that David and I can't both be at the games. We just can't take the kids out there, especially Millie. And no, it isn't like it was when we were kids and "grew up" at the fields, times have changed and people have changed. It isn't what it used to be.

Meetings. How do I not work and still have meetings? I really can't complain about this, I enjoy it. Conversation, maybe coffee, brainstorming! I enjoy all of those things. All of my meetings have to do with creativity and worship, so I am SUPER excited about that. Just fitting them into the baseball schedule is a bit tricky.

Gold Party. Having a gold party Sunday, come over if you can, this is not so stressful. Make a few apps, and sit back and let my friends make money. Who thought of this stuff? Thanks though!

Anniversary. Thursday is David and my actual 10 year anniversary. Oh, how I wish we were back in London. Seriously feel, almost...homesick. I would love to insert every part of our lives into that city. Kids, marriage, work, church, all of it. Maybe someday.

Crazy week, but the fog is starting to lift and the coffee is almost done. I could be going stir crazy and wishing for something to do. For now, I will clean the kitchen, get Millie dressed (Eli's already dressed) and get the day going.

Deep breathe....(inhale) Abba...(exhale) I belong to you...repeat...

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  1. haha, that is one busy week ahead of you!!! do you guys have anything planned for thursday? happy anniversary early!! ...AHH.. london.. i miss it too...xoxo