Saturday, May 16, 2009

Rainy Days and Saturdays.

Thanks to all of you who have continued to follow me over here on blogger. I hope this is a good transition.

So, I am sitting here on a Saturday mid-morning, while David has Eli at a birthday party, Logan is taking care of Millie (covering her with a blanket on the couch and getting ready to read her a book) and Brennan is up in his room reading (not by choice!) ...I think that is everyone. I will say with 4, I am always wondering if I have everybody. That hasn't changed.

I had a great time last night out with friends. Some new, some I wish I knew much better and some that I just love spending time with. It was a great relaxing time. I got my baby fill and my cannoli fill...well, I can always have more of both.

It's raining now, and we are just killing time before we meet some other friends for lunch at On the Border. I am living for their Guacamole right now. Mmmmm, that sounds so good.

It is interesting that we are leading the community group at church, learning and talking about how exactly HEALTHY community is formed and continued. It seems to me that my circles of community is a living thing. Expanding and contracting constantly. I think the one thing I have learned, and would like to share on this rainy Saturday, is that community and friendship are NOT interchangeable words.

I have several "communities" in my life, sometimes more than others. But within those communities, I don't always have "friends". And even more so, intimate friends. I am not one to have 100 Best Friends, I do have more than I ever thought I would and they are scattered all over, but it is still a small number. But to bring friendships out of community, you need to invest, in other and their lives (all of it, especially if children are included) and choose them. I believe that choice creates a necessity for them.

Just rambling about my constant learning.
Thought on community?

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