Friday, May 29, 2009


Before someone goes and posts a passive aggressive, blanket statement blog post on my previous blog post...let me clarify.

Brag on your kids. I don't do it enough, as I said I fault on the side of not enough. This stems from my childhood. There were "those kids" who would treat you however they wanted, because they knew they could. Their parents thought they could do no wrong, and they knew it. My parents got sick of it and so did I. I don't want to do that, and as I a fault.

It doesn't bother me when parents brag on their kids, it bothers me when they only share the good. I tend to be drawn to mother's who admit that their kids drive them crazy, they aren't perfect and don't know how to deal sometimes. It makes me feel sane, not alone and somewhat normal.

So brag away, and I hope to balance out my venting with praise for my children.

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