Tuesday, May 26, 2009

Monday on steroids.

I heard a dj on the radio this morning, say that the Tuesday after a long weekend is like a Monday on steroids. I agree.
I could see it in David's face this morning. The week is already one day short, but the same amount of stuff needs to get done.
I could see it in my kids as it is taking a little longer for them to "get going' this morning.
I can feel it in myself when a "latte lite" hasn't even lifted the fog. I downed it in like 2 minutes too, I guess I thought that would speed it up?!
Still can't see straight though.

This wasn't just a normal weekend for us though. David and his golfing buddy's went down to Daniel Island to live the life and pretend they were members at a new inclusive golf club. (Thanks Johnson for feeding the fantasy!) I was at home having one of the toughest "mom" days that I have a while if not thus far. That was thankfully followed by a good girls night at my neighbors house as we had a surprise birthday shindig for another neighbor. We had good food, played a little game of Operation and watched the best videos from the 80's A-Z on VH1.

Then Saturday. We had our "intimate" circle over to celebrate our 10 year anniversary. Again! It was wonderful. David surprised me by popping in our wedding video, and our friends surprised us with writing us beautiful letters and getting us a door knocker engraved with our name. It was so ,wonderful.

After church I hosted my first ever Gold Party. It was not well attended, but the people that came walked away with cash. From $54 for a chain to $180 for a handful. It is so worth it, and I got a piece of the commision! Let me know if you want to have one! That followed by a fun night of community group with Kickball and a Sundae Bar! David and I watched Australia way too late into the night. It was worth it thought, much better than i expected.

The kids slept in...a little. First visit to the pool. Millie did great! The boys loved it, and mom forgot to put sunscreen on them. First visit, come on! It was overcast too, I should know better. (I was layering on the Aloe before bed...I know, I know!) Then an impromptu cookout with the cul-de-sac. Cornhole, Connect Four...good times! Have I mentioned we have the best cul-de-sac EVER?!

So now we are on Tuesday. Wow, where has the week gone? K-4 meeting at school, millie singing to me as I type and Eli and Elephant snuggled in close. I may get back in my PJ's and we may lay in bed all day. My kind of Monday!...I mean Tuesday.

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