Monday, June 8, 2009

He does all things well.

Yesterday at church, we watched a video sermon from a man named Dino Rizzo. Now, I think if David and I were to have one more, his name would be that...Dino Rizzo. So perfectly italian-o!

That is neither here nor there. He spoke on the passage in Mark, when Jesus heals the blind and mute man. When Christ was finished it says that the people couldn't stop talking about it and said "He does all things well." To me, this was evident, in the scripture. One part made it all clear. When he healed the deaf and mute man he began speaking...clearly! Not only did this man regain hearing and the ability to speak, but he was able to speak. Watch any movie on Helen Keller or hear a hearing impaired person speaking and you can understand the awe. Not only that, but he knew words! How does a deaf mute know words????? How does his tongue now how to move or lips for the vowels? How does his voice box and palate know how to resonate? Because God does all things well.

I think when I get to heaven I will find these people, the 2 blind men, this man, the bleeding woman...all who were healed. What was life like after? I have it in my mind, because I too am one that is healed...and life after isn't at all what I expected it to be.

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  1. healing sure is an amazing thing...;) love your blog.. ps.. i have a cousin named dino;) i cant believe this talk of "one more"!!!!! :D