Sunday, June 28, 2009

5 senses

This month at church, we have been taking part in the One Prayer movement, inviting pastors from all over into our church via pre-recorded message. I usually don't like this, but these have been really good. Today was the last week of this and the message was really good. It was from a pastor in Georgia, Jentezen Franklin.

He wasn't the best speaker, a little old school for my taste, messed up on words/phrases several times...but the content of his, I really needed that.

He compared the 5 kings that Joshua killed to our 5 senses. In Joshua 10 Joshua pulls the kings out of their caves (bringing them to light) then puts his foot on their necks, tells the people to not be afraid, but courageous, then slays them and hangs them from a tree as a reminder.

Jentezen said how we need to get our feet on the necks of our 5 senses sometimes, and the sense that stuck out to me the most was smell. He said how when the 3 bad *(^es went into the fiery furnace, they came out not even SMELLING like smoke! How often to we go through "fiery" situations and come out smelling like it too, and for how long? I, like Jentezen, don't want to smell like the situations I go through...we all know those people that reek of what ever tragedy has hit their life...I do that too often...but recently have decided that if I claim freedom in Christ, I must live it too. Another way of saying Explained not Defined.

He went on to say that if we are in a situation that stinks or we ourselves are smelling of smoke...light some incense...praise the Lord oh my soul. The priests had to do it after a sacrifice, why shouldn't I. It gets rid of the smell, and not only gets rid of it...replaces is...redemption.

I want to smell of redemption...I want to reek of it. I want to omit the fragrance of one who has been in the fire and comes out unharmed.

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