Tuesday, September 29, 2009

The BEST!!!

Ahhh...another one down! The weekend that I love and dread and swear to do so much better with next year! Ramblin' Rose!

Yes, it's just a super sprint. Yes, it's a really easy course. Yes, it's all women (almost 1,000 this year!) But it is the BEST! Fun, empowering and a sense of accomplishment like never before.

This year we had 17 ladies. 15 participants and 2 cheerleaders. These women are from 3 different states, ages ranging from 27-54. Can you believe that?!!?!?! They are the best in their class.

We stayed Friday and Saturday at Lake Norman at a wonderful lake house. Yes, it rained, but it didn't stop us from getting in the hot tub and encouraged us to stay in our jammies and light a roaring fire (thanks Scout Wendy!!). It was truly a relaxing weekend. The best!

The mom prepared dinner, baked banana bread and sent High Heel Sugar cookies. I don't need to say much about my mom's food (we all know it is the best) but she is the bestest!

Cheerleaders! For you to come get up early and wait around as people swim/bike/run...that is awesome. For you to do it when you are 3 weeks away from having a baby, while it is drizzling and you are taking care of your friends 6 week old! THE BEST!!!!

Speaking of, I have the most amazing family ever. As we are sitting there waiting for Kim and Me Mi to get into the pool (who btw, did awesome!!) K.Trone says "that looks like Courtney's dad" wendy replies" that IS Courtney's dad!" NO WAY!!!! My dad, mom, Steph's kids and David and our kids come prancing in, posters in hand and smiles on their faces!! A total surprise and so what I needed. Amazingly, amazing. I love you all and don't deserve you.

The best of our group...Lauren Beckner. I know, we aren't here to compete, but let's just think people...this warrior of a lady finished in the top 100...and she had her 6 WEEK OLD THERE. (She nursed while we were setting up our transition areas)...and...SHE HAD A C-SECTION! I know...we don't even compare ourselves to her when we are training...league of her own. So proud to have her part of our team...humbly the best!

The only way this can get if YOU come and do this with I say every year, if I can do me, You can too. You are the BEST!!!!

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